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Select a tetraspanin marker to comply with MISEV guidelines which recommend confirming the presence of an EV associated protein. Tetraspanins in the antibody cocktail are heterogeneously expressed, but present on most EVs (see example). Use the PE cocktail when sizing and counting EVs. When also using the kit to support no-wash immunofluorescent EV cargo measurement, select another conjugate to enable proper panel design. For instance, PE-Cy7 is useful beause it frees up the PE channel and other good channels on the instrument that detect bright, widely available antibody conjugates to enable sensitive quantitation of experimentally important proteins (including our vTag™ mAbs, validated for vFC™, searchable below).
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vCal™ Rainbow nanoBeads are ~500 nm beads with three fluorescence intensities plus a blank that should be well-resolved in the FITC, PE, and PE/Cy5 channels. Use these at a 1:50 dilution in PBS or similar buffer to QC your flow cytometer when performing fluorescence detection in vesicle immunostaining like vFC™. Also, use these as reference samples for comparing intensity measurements over time.

In general, for smaller vesicles it is important that an instrument is able to resolve all peaks. For larger vesicles or very abundantly expressed proteins, inability to resolve the dim peak from the blank may not be required.

Bead Population(s): 4 populations with different fluorescence intensities ranging from 0 to >2000 MESF units, calibrated using commercially available standards.

Concentration: 1×108 beads per ml.

Bead Size: 500nm

Buffer: Coming Soon!

Storage Conditions: Coming Soon!


25 ul (5 tests), 250 ul (50 tests)

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