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vCal™ Nanorainbow Beads are multipeak, multifluor ~500 nm beads. There are three bead populations of different fluorescence intensities plus a blank. These beads may be used to qualify and QC your flow cytometer for an assay like vFC™. Additionally, they are cross-calibrated (which can be repeated on a given instrument for greater accuracy) to enable instrument calibration and reporting of immunofluorescent measurements in standardized units. See protocols below for more information.

In general, for smaller vesicles it is important that an instrument is able to resolve all peaks. For larger vesicles or very abundantly expressed proteins, inability to resolve the dim peak from the blank may not be required.

Bead Population(s): 4 populations with different fluorescence intensities ranging from 0 to >2000 MESF units, calibrated using commercially available standards. See lot specific information for details.

Concentration: 2×106 beads per ml. We recommend using 100 µl per well if running in 96 well plates.

Bead Size: 500nm

Buffer: 0.1 µm filtered PBS containing 0.05% Azide.

Storage Conditions: Store Refrigerated (4°C).

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2.5 ml (25 tests)


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