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Count and size Extracellular Vesicles (Exosomes)

Accurate EV Concentration

Instrument calibration workflows and standards combine with our EV specific measurements in the vFC™ assay kit for accurate determination of EV concentration.
Simple EV Size

Simple EV Sizing

vFC™ determines EV size from fluorescence of a membrane stain, vFRed™. It is simpler and relies on fewer assumptions than other approaches to EV Flow Cytometry.
Multiplex single EV cargo measurement.

Quantitative EV Cargo

vFC™ can be paired with validated, optimized vTag™ antibodies for multiplexed cargo measurement on single EVs. Cargo measurement is quantitative.
Measure EVs in raw biofluids icon

Measure Directly in Biofluids

Biofluids such as serum, plasma, and urine are directly compatible with vFC™. EV enrichment, which biases measurements, is not required.
No Wash Assay Icon

No Wash Assays

Washing when staining EVs is difficult. vFC™ assays and vTag™ antibodies are optimized to eliminate wash steps.
Existing Flow Cytometers Icon

Run on Existing Instruments

vFC™ can be run on existing flow cytometers. Dedicated instrumentation is not required so you can start analyzing samples now.

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