LIPO100 VFC Data
LIPO100 VFC Data
Lipo100 NanoTracking Analysis (NTA) Data
Phosphotidylserine is incorporated into the membrane of Lipo100™ Vesicle Size Standards upon synthesis. These vesicles were then stained with Phycoerythrin (PE) labeled Annexin V or left unstained for VFC analysis. Data demonstrate strong PE fluorescence for the individual vesicles measured.
LIPO100 VFC Data



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Vesicle Size:120 nm (Range: 80-140nm)
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For sizing vesicles like exosomes or microvesicles via standard methods such as NTA, RPS, or flow cytometry, Synthetic Vesicle Size Standards provide a well characterized synthetic vesicle population for assessing the accuracy of the vesicle size calculations.

Conventional standards used in vesicle sizing are polystyrene beads. PS beads are very different in their composition compared to natural vesicles and these differences lead to large underestimatation of vesicles’ size by as much as 40x. Cellarcus’ Synthetic Vesicle Size Standard is made of lipid vesicles called liposomes. These liposomes are prepared with lipid composition similar to that of a mammalian cell, extruded through a 100 nm nucleopore filter, and provided at a concentration of 1 x 107 vesicles/µL as measured by Vesicle Flow Cytometry. The vesicle standard is a unimodal vesicle population with a median diameter of ~120 nm and a range of ~80-140 nm (as measured by NTA and RPS).

Available Sizes: 20 Tests 40 Tests 80 Tests 4 x 20 Tests
Species: Synthetic (Appropriate size standard for vesicles from mammalian species)
Source: Synthetic
Surface Molecule Expression Information: Phosphotidylserine (PS) was incorported during synthesis and confirmed via VFC testing with fluorescently labeled Annexin V.
Test and Concentration Information:Synthetic vesicles are supplied at a total of 5 x 105 vesicles per µl (as measured by VFC). This equates to 5 µl per test. A test is defined as the number of vesicles typically used in Vesicle Flow Cytometry.
Vesicle Size: 120 nm (Range: 80-140nm)
Tested Applications: Vesicle Flow Cytometry (VFC), NTA (e.g. NanoSightTM), RPS (e.g. qNanoTM)

Application Notes:

Vesicle flow cytometry requires a sufficiently sensitive instrument and vesicle analysis procedure. We provide simple, accurate, reproducible vesicle staining assays for this purpose (coming soon). Standards are titrated at 5 µl/test for VFC. For NTA or RPS, the same concentration of sample is generally sufficient, however, volumes required for assay on many instruments are up to 10-fold higher. As much as 50 µl of synthetic vesicles in solution may be required to standardize this approach when estimating vesicle sizes. Exact volume(s) of reagents should always be empirically determined.

Method of Preparation: 100 nm nucleopore SEC
Buffer: Well-filtered isotonic saline (e.g. PBS pH 7.4)
Storage Conditions: Synthetic Vesicle Size Standards are stable for up to 12 months when stored at -80°C. Vesicles may also be stored cold (e.g.4°C) for up to 2 weeks.
Safety Considerations: Gloves should be worn at all times when handling this product.

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20 Tests, 40 Tests, 80 Tests, 4 x 20 Tests


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