Vesicle Flow Cytometry data showing size and number of vesicles in red blood cell derived EV reference sample.



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Source:Human Red Blood Cells
Vesicle Size:140 nm (Range: 80-210nm)
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Human red blood cell derived vesicles from Cellarcus provide a consistent, rigorously characterized reference sample to baseline assays over multiple runs. They are suited for hematology researchers, but also provide a consistent, well characterized reference sample of exosomes and microvesicles (sometimes just described as “exosomes” by other manufacturers).

Cellarcus’ Human red blood cell derived EVs are prepared from red blood cells obtained from a local blood bank. RBC vesiculation is induced by Ca2+ selective ionophore. Vesicles are isolated from cells and debris via centrifugation and provided at a concentration of 1 x 107 vesicles/µL as measured by Vesicle Flow Cytometry. VFC analysis enables characterization of these vesicles by both size and cell surface cargo. This assay also specifically measures vesicle concentration ensuring 5-fold or greater lot-to-lot consistency vs other manufacturers vesicle preps.

Available Sizes:50 µl 100 µl 500 µl
Species: Human
Source: Red blood cells from patient samples
Surface Molecule Expression Information: Positive: 235ab, Phosphotidylserine (as labeled by Annexin V).
Below Limit of Detection: (none tested).
Test and Concentration Information:Human RBC Derived Extracellular Vesicles are a mixed population of vesicles including exosomes and microvesicles prepared by ionophore treatment of washed red blood cells. This vesicle reference preparation is provided at a concentration of ~1 x 107 vesicles/µL, as measured by Vesicle Flow Cytometry (VFC). RBC EVs are a unimodal population of vesicles with a median diameter of ~140 nm and a range of 80-210 nm, as measured by VFC.
Vesicle Size: 140 nm (Range: 80-210nm)
Tested Applications: VFC, NTA (e.g. NanoSightTM), RPS (e.g. qNanoTM)

Application Notes:

Vesicle flow cytometry requires a sufficiently sensitive instrument and vesicle analysis procedure. We provide simple, accurate, reproducible vesicle staining assays for this purpose (coming soon). At 1 x 107 vesicles/µL this reference sample uses 5 µl/test for VFC analysis. The sample concentration requirement is the same for NTA or RPS, however, volumes required for assay on many instruments are up to 10-fold higher. As much as 50 µl of this EV reference sample may be required for these assays. Exact volume(s) of reagents should always be empirically determined.

Method of Preparation: Ionophore treatment of human red blood cells followed by centrifugation to isolate vesicles.
Buffer: Well-filtered isotonic saline (e.g. PBS pH 7.4)
Storage Conditions: These vesicles are stable for up to 12 months when stored at -80°C. Vesicles may also be stored cold (e.g.4°C) for up to 2 weeks.
Safety Considerations: Material is derived from human blood. Please handle in accordance with CDC Biosafety Requirements and follow Universal Precautions for handling potentially infectious samples.

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