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vCal™ Antibody Capture nanoBeads are calibrated antibody capture beads designed to assess and optimize antibodies for use in vesicle flow cytometry (vFC™). These beads bind all mouse antibody isotypes and produce 3 peaks corresponding to 0, 200, and 1000 bound antibodies. Additional specificities are coming soon and may be available on request. The 800nm size is suitable for detection on cytometers with lower scatter sensitivity allowing assessment of an instruments sensitivity for fluorescence detection of a particular antibody in a relevant range for vesicle immunostaining.

In general, for smaller vesicles it is important that an instrument is able to resolve all three peaks. For larger vesicles or very abundantly expressed proteins, being able to distinguish between the top two peaks may be sufficient for some analyses.

Species or Isotype: Recognizes all mouse isotypes. Additional specificity available on request.
Bead Population(s): 3 populations with 0, 200, and 1000 antibody binding sites.
Concentration: 1×107 beads per ml.
Bead Size: 800 nm.
Storage Buffer: 0.1um filtered PBS +0.09% sodium azide.
Storage Conditions: Store beads at 4°C. See vial for expiration date.

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250 ul (50 tests), 25 ul (5 tests)


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